Patient Retention

Recruitment_Across_AmericaSMUnder the leadership of Laura Meehan, Director of Patient Recruitment, Research Across America has a full-time, in-house patient recruitment department that supports our clinical teams and is very instrumental in providing innovative ways for recruiting patients.

This group possesses expert capabilities in advertising development, ad placement, and negotiations with all forms of media (i.e., newsprint, TV, radio, internet, etc.). Additionally, they have the knowledge and experience of working with virtually all the current IRBs in providing the correct language for approval purposes.

For each study, a complete patient recruitment program is developed and our telephone patient recruiters are trained specifically on the study requirements so that the most qualified patients are brought into the clinic for their screening visits. We have the capabilities and flexibility to answer calls for all the Research Across America locations nationwide via toll-free numbers when needed.

A unique and crucial component of our patient recruitment philosophy is community outreach. Dedicated community outreach representatives make connections with organizations, associations, and companies within the local area to spread the word about clinical research and the various study opportunities available. Whether it’s attending events, distributing IRB-approved study materials throughout the area, or conducting “lunch and learns”, RAA is dedicated to increasing public awareness about medical research opportunities.

Research Across America realizes that patient retention is as important as the recruitment of appropriate patients for clinical trials. In order to keep the patients in our studies, we have dedicated staff members that are Patient Retention Specialists. These individuals meet with the patients at their first appointment and give them a new patient packet of information with contact phone numbers, a copy of their informed consent, and their scheduled visits for the entire trial so that the patient can plan their calendar. Having this schedule prepared for the patient decreases the no-show rate and visits that might fall out of window. These people are responsible for consistent contact of reminder and other calls with the patient for the duration of the trial. These efforts give the patient yet another member of our staff to go to if there are questions and an individual they can feel has their interest at heart.

Patient Retention

Research Across America boasts a 97 % retention rate among their study participants. In order to encourage study completion, patients are given a welcome packet at their first visit. A strong emphasis on communication and the importance of the relationship between site staff and study volunteers is of primary importance. Personalization of the process of clinical research is emphasized.

Patient Recruitment experience in the following therapeutic areas: