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 Currently Enrolling Studies 

Upcoming Research Studies in Dallas May Include:

Cardiovascular Disease,  High Cholesterol, C-diff Vaccine, Flu Treatment, Uterine Fibroids, Acne,

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Face and Body Acne Research Study – This acne research study is for those 9 and older (those 17 and younger must have a parent/legal guardian to sign consent) who have facial acne as well as body acne.  The study compares different topical acne products.  Study details include:

  • Ages 9 and older with moderate facial acne AND chest/back acne
  • Research study evaluates an investigational topical acne formulation and requires 2 blood draws
  • 12 week-long study with up to $490.00 provided for time and travel

This research study is being conducted at our Murphy site at 544 @ Brand.  For information, call 972-4-DOCTOR (972-436-2867) or email us at study@raasites.com.

Athlete’s Foot Research Study – If you suffer with Athlete’s Foot you may be eligible for a research study. An athlete’s foot research study is comparing an investigational topical medication to an approved topical medication and both to a placebo (inactive substance)

  • Must be 18 years of age or olde
  • Must have athlete’s foot symptoms between the toes
  • Compensation up to $225.00 is available for this 6 week research study

Study enrolling at our Dallas, Plano and Mesquite, TX Sites.

Low-T Research Study– Men: Call to see if you may be eligible to come in for a free testosterone test or study screening!

Migraine Research Study – This migraine research study is for those 18 to 75 years of age who have 4-14 migraine attacks per month.  The purpose of this study is to compare varying doses of an investigational medication to a placebo (inactive substance). Participants have 8 visits over approximately 6 months and are compensated up to $600.00 for time and travel.  This research study is being conducted at our Dallas site located at I-635 @ Webb Chapel.  For information, call 972-4-DOCTOR (972-436-2867) or email us at study@raasites.com.

Call 972-4-DOCTOR (972-436-2867) for information.

Pediatric Psoriasis Research Study– This research study is for children ages 12 to 17 years of age who have plaque psoriasis over at least 10% of their body (excluding face and scalp). The study drug is a topical spray approved to treat plaque psoriasis of the body in people 18 years of age and older but is being evaluated in children. This is an open label study meaning all qualified participants receive the investigational study drug. A physician will be examining your child and overseeing your child’s health throughout the study. All parents or legal guardians sign consent for the child to participate. The study has up to 6 visits over 30 days and compensates up to $775.00 for time and travel. Multiple blood draws are required. For information please call 972-4-DOCTOR (972-436-2867). This study is being conducted at our Dallas location at 635@Webb Chapel.

Scalp Psoriasis Research Study-  This research study is for those 18 years of age and older who have scalp psoriasis.  The study evaluates an investigational topical medication and lasts approximately 28 days with 3 total office visits.  Compensation up to $225.00 may be provided if you qualify.

This study is enrolling at our Dallas location at 635 @ Webb Chapel as well as our Murphy location near Brand Rd. @ 14th St.  Call 972-4-DOCTOR for more information.

Do you have a cold? Research Across America is conducting a clinical research study for men and women who have symptoms of the common cold to participate in a clinical research study evaluating an investigational medication.

Call 972-4-DOCTOR (972-436-2867) and come see us as soon as possible!


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