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Outreach Contact:

Kathy Holcombe
Community Outreach Coordinator
9 Medical Parkway, Suite 202
Dallas TX 75234
Phone: 972-241-1222 X 165 or 877-325-MEDS (6337) X 165
Fax: 972-241-0459

Research Across America (RAA) believes not only in educating the public about study clinical research studies, but also giving back to the communities in which we live. We know that through personable communication, not just advertising alone, we can show more effectively how research can possibly be of benefit. Connecting with the community engages people and that helps spread the word about study participation.

Each RAA site’s local Outreach Department contacts local organizations, associations and companies offering educational programs and assistance to members of the community. Through grassroots programs such as lunch & learns, health screenings, volunteer efforts and community-wide health fairs and other local events, RAA has a direct influence on the perception of medical research.

We also seek sponsorships of various events, including speaking opportunities at Block Parties, Sporting Events, Senior Center Events, and Fundraising Drives (Flu Shot, Clothing, Toy, etc.) that can also benefit the community as well.

We have a passion for working with and educating others and giving back to the community in which we live. When we develop good relationships and gain new study participants, they will share that good information with others.

Research Across America is “committed to continuous quality improvement through positive and open communication, new technology, the education of our staff, the input of our patients and contributions to our community.